Magic of Organizing

Author: Daniel Levitin

Caption: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload

Genre: Non-fiction / Psychology / Science / Self-help / Business / Productivity

Published on: 2014

Magic of Organizing

10 Magic Points:

  1. The way Brain manages information
  2. Brain can focus only on limited number of stimuli at a time
  3. More information demands more decisions from us
  4. ‘Hippocampus’ to remember location of ‘things’, so designate place for each object
  5. Categorize broadly, prioritize
  6. ‘Junk drawers for miscellaneous items’
  7. Refuel, get enough sleep, boost productivity
  8. Prepare for worst case scenario
  9. Than knowing all the answers, know where & how to find it
  10. Know PROBABILITY & GAIN vital skill of assessing information

(Special credits to Blinkist for the content)

Review: I cannot comment on the writing style or, rather what’s the tone of writing the writer adopted in this book. Because, that will be too judgmental on the writer than on the ‘content’ of the book.

I may not even comment on writer and his previous work as well, that may even turn you prejudiced about this book’s content and message, I am afraid.

Now, coming to the content and information ‘the book’ holding for you is amazing. Anyone who is confronted with information overload, abundance of internet social media usage (now that qualifies almost all), and you are suffocated and clueless of all the ‘daily-information-inflow/outflow’, and still you like to be organized and in control in midst of all this ‘information-flooding’, you can benefit from this book reading.

If you are that guy, who want to introspect yourself and ‘focus’ more in converting ‘Information’ to ‘knowledge’, BINGO!, you have a great reading experience waiting for you!

I rate 4/5 ‘The Organized Mind’ by Daniel Levitin.

Published in (April 25, 2018)

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