Get in the ‘Flow’

Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihayi

Caption: The Psychology of optimal experience

Genre: Psychology / Non-fiction / Self-help / Business / Science

Published on: 1990

Get in the ‘Flow’ by Mujeeb Patla

10 Points Summary:

  1. The pursuits to happiness.
  2. How to achieve happiness in what we do.
  3. Connection between ‘the happiness’ & ‘the flow’.
  4. ‘The flow’ defined, as – having adequate skills, goal oriented approach, rule bound dealing, measurable achievements, to handle challenge in hand.
  5. An example of a surgeon and his/her life-and-death dedication to save a life in surgery.
  6. How and why time flies.
  7. Flow – A mental approach to accomplish tasks.
  8. Flow – Something beyond productivity.
  9. Flow – Provider of periods of happiness.
  10. Flow – Allow us to be effortless at the same time with invaluable results.

Review: The year is 2018. World has transformed successfully through many revolutions and evolutions. The forager uncertainty moved to agricultural routine life, followed by demanding industry age. Proud Information Age and now in to rich ‘Intelligence’ age. Internet of Things (IoT) is on there horizon with 5G communication technology. More social media networking through internet and less social networking in real life. Millennials and their successors are starting to rule the work force.

Monotony in work place killing millennials than the real threat of joblessness. Paradox!

The book under review is ‘Flow’ something we all felt while doing something we enjoyed ‘the most’ and the result, anyway, was/is the best! Let it be mobile-gaming, bathroom-singing, weekend-podcasting, puzzle-solving, crossword solving, leisure-reading, or any task we undertake because we love it.

Why? We don’t know. Still we do, or dreaming of doing!

But we enjoy doing it, and it went almost effortless, and that’s all that matters. The pet project of yours, that you enjoyed while ‘living through’ it, may not give the same ‘spark’ for all.

That’s the ‘flow’.

Mechanics, dynamics, history, chemistry, physics and entire science of ‘flow’ is scrutinized in this book! I found the book to be among the top 100 business references one should read if she/he is planning for some serious ‘achievements’ in business world and want to leave some deep mark on it.

Rating I give: 4.75/5

Final take: Colorful and thought provoking!

Published in (April 26, 2018)

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