More than any days of calendar, any years of history, people are in constant search of paths. Path that leads to happiness if not a complete salvation.

Let it be in finding the right spot for a dinner meal, or even to attain a quick relief by finding a washroom, we human, understandably, depends on others. This dependency is to get a proper guidance.

World is filled with people and their interests. Many times interests easily overtake the population count.

Like 100 people and 1000 interests. 1 person have 10 interests. Interestingly, conflicting ones.

In fulfilling their interest, to meet the needs, to quench their wants we all seek a divine star that stay right at the top of north pole of our life. Often we are successful in missing it, attributed to various reasons. Blindness due to egoism, ignorance, arrogance etc. can be listed here.

But there stay few individuals who are always ready to give instructions though. And, we fall for them. We fall face down on them. And, we get results just opposite of what we expected. They call us fools, we call them masters. I think, it’s high time to refer them exactly by the deserving name, that, they used for us: The FOOLs.

There lives also a particular kind of individuals, call them ‘saints’, who are qualified to give instructions, but they will never call it by the name ‘instructions’ or to the best, not even make us identify those as instructions; instead, we feel those as ‘directions’. A gentle tap on the shoulder to follow a path to our success and we achieve a result which gives us ‘happiness’ and sometime a ‘salvation’ too.

When former masters strict us to follow the instructions and fear us for punishment otherwise, the later ‘saints’ allows/encourages failures and appreciates our understanding from each of those errors.

These divine ‘saints’ call us ‘seekers’ and we often ignore them after we achieve our objective.

Shall we call them LEADERs?

Yes, ‘saint’ is too noble a word they will never accept because of their modesty and humbleness!


Published in (Dec 1, 2017)

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