Art of Loosing EGO.

Have you tried loosing something?

Something which we hold to ourself so tightly and dearly; that thing which we take for granted.

If I am a given a choice to describe life, I will be delighted to put in words as – ‘Life is all about loosing and recovering’.

Name it whatever you wish, but one thing stays as obvious and sure – God/Nature will test you by giving and taking ‘things’ in life. So, just like how humble we should be in receiving the blessings, same way or more composed we must be in allowing to loose those blessings.

And, what if we have lost everything, and what may stop us from going that extra mile? This extra mile may not be that flashy and glowing as it may sound. Sometimes we may have to ask for help from someone who we hate to the worst object in this universe. Other times, may be in seeking guidance from a person we felt to be that least important next to a silly ant which don’t even know how to bite you or pain you.

Call it a test, insult, fate, or even our ultimate destiny; we will be faced with such situations in life.

What will be your course of action?

To fight it down and get realized and defeated, and to get cremated with our egoism itself?

Or, to accept our limitations and adapt to the nature’s law of flexibility in managing changes and failures?

Whichever way we may like to phrase the question, if ‘survival’ is the objective, loosing ego will be an art in itself.

The art of molding ourself!

Art of Loosing Ego

Published in (Nov 30, 2017)

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