Let’s Waste Some More Time.

Time is precious.

Time is limited.

Time can be invested.

Time can be wasted.

Though everyone got the same 24 hours clock, duration of each second to minute to hour is different for different person. 24 hour clock of Socrates, Aristotle, Einstein, APJ Abdul Kalam, Ramanujan, you- all same. It depends on you, what and how you want to become and known for. Like water when fed to different seeds give different plant and benefits, time we consume will give different results.

Let’s Save Time.

More than any parameter, clue to life/and career success and fulfillment depends on an individual’s ability to micromanage the time in his/her hand. As rightly put, time and tide wait for no man(and woman), however, one can build his/her own boat of deeds and sail through these tides of time.

Online games, social media, TV/Movie streaming portals – all are eating up our precious time pie, we being unaware and indifferent. We must pledge with strong will to look away from that mobile screen of entertainment and set ourselves goals of uplifting our skill sets and flourishing talent pool.

Entertainment is soothing, but not enough to live in this world of every-moment advancements-inventions-innovations.

Time is slipping. It will never come back. So does the opportunities. The task you could do at the age of 19 may not be possible for you to do at 30. Even if it does, may not make sense.

Identify yourselves. Your strength, your weakness. Work on your weakness, market your strength. Learn new skills, read and self educate. Once you reach a pinnacle, mentor youngsters, guide them. Ask questions, learn to answer fearlessly. Have courage to tell the king naked, if he is naked. Learn how to communicate well, without loosing your head meantime.

Be careful. Be vigilant.

Let’s not fall behind.

Published in TheMujeebPatla.Wordpress.com on June 6, 2020

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