5 Trump Lessons for Career Success!

Donald J. Trump is the US’ 45th president. He is discussed and studied among political and economic observers and critics as an individual for his personality and/or politician for his politics widely across continents. His personality traits, leadership style and behavioral patterns scrutinized immensely. For some, he is a revered figure and for others, he is controversial phenomenon. My article in this space shall not fan any of such air at all. We are away from politics, we are away from any bias.

We will talk business here, strictly business. By business I mean tips for our career success.

There are plenty of negative traits and destructive behaviors almost all of us harbor within ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly. Mr. Donald J. Trump is no exception. My effort here is to highlight some of the ‘positives’ that I have observed in Mr. Trump while he is busy creating headlines and tweeting his mind. Five of such qualities I would like to share before you all:

Trump Lessons

1. Stay Different:

If you are able to stand different from a bunch of people, you will get attention. If you are able to grab attention of the right people at right time and and at the right place, well, you are on a path to build your base. Base here means, recipe for your career success. No matter which social media platform you post, grabbing attention and getting noticed is vital. Even big firms fight to grab their customers’ attention highlighting their USPs. Mr. Trump, through his arm-twisting policies, ‘firy’ tweets, self styled talks, dynamic body language and cartoonish hair-style stand way ahead from many of the contemporary world leaders.

2. Be Loud:

Being loud is not about raising your voice and piercing through others’ ears. We can be loud through our conduct, our attitude, our presentation, our existence. Exactly what Mr. Trump is so successful in demonstrating. If he wants to call anyone bad, he will start the sentence with direct addressing, “Mr. X is bad. Mr. X is very bad. Mr. X is bad enough for us to hate him…”. This way, through repeated yet very less vocabulary, ignoring grammar and few times spellings, Mr. Trump establishes that Mr. X is bad. and whoever listens to Mr. Trump remembers Mr. X as a bad person for reasons known to Mr. Trump only. If Mr. Trump wants to dump Obama’s Medicare policy, Mr. Trump will do it, loudly, calling it rubbish and without providing any proof at all. Let me remind you here, once again, my intention is not to whitewash any of Mr. Trump’s actions or decisions, rather, to demonstrate how he deploys some of his personal qualities and how we can benefit from them for our career success without harming anyone. If we have to practice and achieve this personality quality for our benefit, start being loud. Be clear and be visible.

3. Build An Audience:

Having an audience for your words and thoughts is a blessing in itself. Nowadays, with one mobile phone and handful of social media platforms, you can start creating and building a steady flow of audience. In this juncture, remember to have a value proposition for your audience in return for their time and loyalty. This can be done through 1. Information serving, 2. Innovation/discovery for your audience benefit, 3. ‘Beneficial’ Entertainment. I keep stressing on ‘Beneficial’ part more because, mere flat entertainment will kill only time. Try to wrap it with some valuable message/skill training, so that, your audience will definitely feel a light heart (matters a lot in this time of negative news, economic distress and pandemic), plus learning experience. President of US (may be till January 20, 2021), Donald Trump has built an audience in millions who follow him in every tweet, and endorses him in any of the adverse conditions. They even rallied in support of him against his electoral defeat. Without going to any moral sidewalks, I would like to highlight the fact that, even without any political legacy, experience or backup, Mr. Trump managed to get elected for office in 2016, and, arguably, if COVID 19 pandemic was not emerged so destructively in US, Nov 3, 2020 election result could have been even closer. My point is, HAVE AN AUDIENCE.

4. Market Your Thoughts:

Before marketing anything, first you should have it. Or, at least, you should be capable enough of having it. Or, at least you should strive to have it. To have a thought is an end result of somewhat lengthy mind process. First we must manifest our existence, followed by enriching our thought process by reading, watching, thinking, talking, networking and discussing. After capable of having your thoughts, market it. Talk about it, write about it and discuss about it. The audience you are gaining, as explained in the previous step, will be the primary recipients of your thoughts. Your marketing effort will be to make them buy your ideas and thoughts and keep them with you. Moreover, to win over new audience, more audience. Donald Trump’s ‘action-filled’ performance in podium waiving both hands sideways and repeating words, chanting slogans with mobs repeating each; must be recollected here, as an example of a B2C high voltage marketing effort. Early morning tweet-chains on domestic as well as global affairs also can be referenced to digest this point.

5. Be Confident:

Confidence is the key. It is the pure reason you will succeed in your career and decision making. Believing in yourself is far more important and much needed before you approach anyone to believe and trust you. Mr. Trump, no matter how many lies flew from his mouth (a common trait of any politician across countries), he seemed believing in them and stand for them. I am not asking you to be telling lies and believing in them and drag your audience to falsehood. Instead, do your fact checks and home works. Before building your thought process, make sure each brick of such process is baked in truths and facts. Building confidence is an internal as well as external process. Meaning, confidence must be brought from within you, and it can be harnessed with the help of external conditions – from people around and the surrounding conditions.

With these five points, I would like to rest my case here. Than providing a ‘nice-reading-experience’, I wish, you picked up some of the lessons. Than criticizing any person for his/her bad traits, I wish, you appreciate and learn good qualities from him/her. As famously put, ‘Hate The Game, Not The Players’.

This article was first published in LinkedIn on Nov 27, 2020

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