Planets rolling on your future!

Knowing future is fun, isn’t it?

Than revolving around its own axis and around the sun all the time, planets got some other serious rather mischievous tasks too.

Planets rolling on your future!

Guess what!

Yes, that is it. Affecting our lives. Meaning, Jupiter will affect our decision of changing the job/wife. Saturn may hinder our decision to buy even a shaving blade!

Yes, these heavenly bodies are playing ‘the’ wild-card ‘moves’ when it comes to our future. Even if we are not that bothered of our own future, these planets are doing whatever it could to blink and ping our lives!

New Year time. Many eyeballs are rolling eagerly to see which planets are swapping which houses and which not.

Our wealth, our peace, our career, our future all are hanging on these delicate planet shiftings?

Believing and accepting the Almighty and dedicating our services and deeds to work for the our redemption and salivation is one thing; trusting on these planets and its shadows on our day-to-day lives and playing dumb-blind-deaf is entirely a different thing.

You can very well disagree with me, though my planets are stronger than ever and glues me with the opinion I just expressed.

Published in (Jan 1, 2018)

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