Need for ‘The Seventh Sense’

Book Name: The Seventh Sense

Author: Joshua Cooper Ramo

Caption: “Power, Fortune, and Survival in the Age of Networks”

Year of Publishing: 2016

Genre: Business / Non-fiction / Science / Technology / Economics / Politics

The Seventh Sense book review by mujeeb patla


  1. Introducing ‘The Network Age’, of internets and intranets.
  2. From ‘Sixth Sense’ to ‘Seventh Sense’; journey from Industrial Age To Intelligence Age.
  3. The Network Power – Old network systems replaced by new network systems rapidly. Example, English as a networking language soon will be replaced by ‘real time machine translation’ of any local languages.
  4. Institutional guardians lacking breath to catch up with ‘hyper-dynamic’ anti-social networking elements
  5. Complicated systems VS Complex systems – understand the differences to manage the process
  6. The other side of ‘being connected’, or, the disadvantages of not being connected to World Wide Web.
  7. Power of Hackers – how they breach all the lockers.
  8. Network Effects – WiFi, Ethernet, Gatekeepers and Gateland
  9. What is hard gatekeeping? The need for protecting web spaces from ‘trespassers’
  10. Less transparent World of digital currencies.


The next click on google/or any webpage of internet enabled device, lands us to a world of 1s and 0s. The binary digital fantasy is not always a ‘one way platform’ of receiving information. But, each data we enter/search is used to measure/understand/manipulate the user also. Recent breach of trust by Facebook through Cambridge Analytica chapter and the likes of social media networking which boasts free service to the users, is actually causing a serious threat to our privacy and contamination of our private data.

‘The Seventh Sense’ by Joshua Cooper Ramo, is an effort to make the reader understand the realistic advantages and disadvantages of ‘being connected’ in a World Wide Web age. Right from the basic steps of internet platforms to the recent possibilities of digital currencies, this book is a reference material with numbers and facts. If ‘Sixth Sense’ is knowing the unknown of ‘Industrial Age’, ‘Seventh Sense’ is going to be the realizing part of the impact and morality of knowing the knowable of ‘Intelligence Age’.

My rating for this must read book is: 4.5/5

Published in (May 1, 2018)

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