Freedom of Silence.

Freedom is a relative word.

That is to say, freedom can vary in its level and measures. The extend of freedom each society allows is different, not to mention countries.

May be that India will allow freedom in choosing a partner to marry different from choosing criteria in United States of America. Likewise, for each aspect and walks of life, freedom varies in shades and grades.

Recent years have presented itself with people hoarding flexes and boards demanding freedom of speech. Sometimes this freedom is to save their right to question/insult their rulers/enemies, sometimes to express their ideas and thinking freely across any religion/ belief systems, to express their distress against any possible offending etc.

Globally speaking, there are millions and zillions of reasons we can hold angry processions on and fire as many dummies too.

Yet, my question, or, to the point, is, in domestic or with further clarity, in legally married life, can we have ‘Freedom of Silence’ as we can have ‘Freedom of Speech’?

I think, corporate tycoons and tyrant governments are easy to crack by conducting huge rallies and strikes if we feel we are not allowed to air our opinions or acts. Is same applicable in case of a person, that is our spouse?

Unless I have a clear answer to the above ‘domestic’ dogma, I stay at your disposal with the same question I started with – Does ‘Freedom of Silence’ really exists?

Freedom of Silence

Published in (Dec 3, 2020)

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