Constructive Criticism.

Communication has three parts – sender, medium and the receiver.

For an healthy conversation to occur, sender and the receiver must talk and listen with clarity and medium of communication must encourage it.

When we think deep and broad enough, criticism has to do a lot with communication. A child receiving his/her instruction from parent, student from teacher, employee from employer, vendor from customer; you name the scenario of communication, criticism has a scope in itself to show-up.

Free advises are plenty too. Criticism find its seeds in many of such advises. ‘See Mike, the way you did this work could have been done even more effective!’ Tail of one of the conversation where criticism is hidden, still wide open.

Constructivism is positivity. It allows creativity. It encourages prosperity. It shows light for the development and innovation. It makes us work and correct ourself. It removes fear. Unlike its counterpart, which is so much counterproductive and of no use if we really intend for any favorable result through our words.

Most of the sources who want to criticize, operates the power of immense persuasion for some dark purpose of discouraging and stopping the receiver of that criticism from giving another try for betterment.

Constructive criticism once practiced, the receiver gets greatly or equally charged and ready for whatever correction to be executed. It’s an art. It’s an engineering. It’s a science. The essential elements of communication, as mentioned in the very beginning of discussion here, all of the three, finds its purpose here. In a most beautiful and meaningful manner.

Thus the only challenge of constructive criticism lies on the sender and the medium sender chooses to propagate his/her message. Receiver has the responsibility to be mature/smart enough to understand the good intention of sender. Even if the sender has a wicked intention, receiver can make it for his/her benefit; if he/she knows how to do it. The magic of bending negativity towards positivity. A topic for another discussion.

Do you aspire to be good communicator? A good leader? Perhaps a successful manager? Learn constructive criticism.

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